Friday, July 31, 2015

My Limpopo - Jaco Roux's fresh relief gives us a painting we can enjoy

Like all Jaco Roux paintings Sashe-Limpopo Confluence is a representation of the meeting of the naturalistic landscape, stark yet inviting, and brightly coloured areas of expressive colour. Similar to how the two major tributaries, the Sashe River and the Limpopo River, flow into one another, abstract areas of vibrant colour move with an effortless continuity into the dramatic landscape. Sashe-Limpopo Confluence is a powerful work as the vantage point of the painting depicts the meeting point of three significant countries (Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana) and the confluence of two major tributaries (Sashe and Limpopo Rivers). Similarly we are struck by Jaco’s fearless use of colour depicting the bold sun colours shimmering off the dry landscape. This painting, as all Jaco Roux’s, projects an openhearted optimism, no morbid undercurrents or hyperrealism are to be found, rather a fresh relief beckons the viewer giving us a painting we can enjoy.

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