Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fresh take on Aldo Balding

Aldo Balding draws the viewer in with a distinctive narrative quality that has become a signature of his work. Through the use of a minimal tonal palette and engaging subjects Balding creates a timeless composition. Recently Balding’s work has an added stylistic quality where he plays with looseness in less central areas of the canvas. In Viridian and Cadmium Balding creates an elegant yet contemporary composition. A classical symmetrical balance imparted with a contemporary element by expressive gestures and the modern dress of the subjects and a looser painting quality. Balding highlights the work with a splash of Cadmium Red that adds a fresh and fun spark of excitement to the scene. As always the experience Balding has created for the viewer is to invite our interest and pique our admiration for his technical expertise.

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