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New Arrivals May 2013

Christopher Møller Art
MAY 2013
Michelle Davidson
Objects of enlightenment
Still life painting is, quite simply, the depiction of an object.

The intriguing ingredient of Michelle Davidson's still life paintings in “Objects of Enlightenment” is that we are shown a new way of looking at the ordinary every day object around us. Traditionally, objects in a still life were selected for their symbolic meaning.  Some were chosen for there aesthetic value; Cezanne for instance used apples in his still lives for their colour and shape.  The objects in this exhibition were intentionally chosen for their insipid quality and simplicity as it is the artists’ intention for the viewer to acknowledge the space around the object as well as the object itself. Light plays a pivotal role in these works.  The use of light and shadow creates an ambiance that domineers the object depicted.  Ones eyes are indulged as they widen to take in the whole painting: the play of light, the fading shadows and the chiaroscuro-ed object.  The background becoming just as important as the object itself. The simplicity of the objects and their monochromatic colouring also creates a mystical atmosphere. The paintings are transformed onto an ethereal platue, iconifying the object.  One feels that the works should be hung in a cathedral as they are personified with a life beyond the ordinary.

Each painting is 450mm wide and 390 mm high. Oil on canvas board, framed in a simple white box frame. 
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New Arrivals

Albert Coertse

Picnic with Aleitha V, Oil,  130x 130cm, SOLD

Picnic with Aleitha VI, Oil, 130x130cm

Albert Coertse's style has a wonderful feeling of simplicity in his work; using vertical and horizontal lines, he breaks his landscapes up into their most basic form. The use of interlocking lines is cubist in nature, which builds rhythm and movement giving the viewer a sense of harmony. Coertse who himself is very shy, lives outside of Knysna, away from the cities. He  tries to create a sense of order and understanding in his landscapes- the world through his eyes.

Coertse also deconstructs the colour used in his paintings.  You can count the colours that are placed into the quadrants which is a strong contrast to nature where millions of different colours are incorporated. His work is about simplifying his environment- quantifying it.

 Hugh Mbayiwa

New Arrival
Hugh Mbayiwa, a bold Zimbabwean artist.

"Rock Trip", mixed media on canvas,123 x 162 cm.

Hugh likes to use bright bold colours, which is reminiscent of the early impressionists. The intensity of his colour draws a lot of attention to itself and away from more conservative work.  He distorts colour and form to portray inner feelings.  His work is about celebrating life, and his use of colour is meant to express our vivacity for living. He paints ordinary every day scenes, capturing moments that we would normally take for granted.


Andre Stead

New Arrival
Andre Stead's Illumination sculpture in sexy red!

"Red Illumination", Resin M/6,200 x 50 x 80  cm. SOLD

The Illumination sculpture depicts a dancing figure suspended in a pirouette, poised on the edge of her balance. Her upper body pulls into a directional distortion of form that emphasizes her apparent movement. As with most of the illumination series, light plays an important part in the physical and symbolic attributes of the artwork. Illumination has an internal and external light source that creates a soft glow that highlights the flowing features of the piece. On the figure’s back is a jagged line that forms a continuous edge around the internal and external surface of the artwork. This line represents the boundary between the conscious and subconscious mind, each dependent on the other for balance, and continuously influencing one another.

Naada Art Fair

Johannesburg National Antiques & Decorative Arts Faire

We are proud to be part of the National Art Fair which is on this year 19-21st July in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre Sandton.




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