Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christopher  Møller Art
31 January - 21 February 2013
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Please join us for a glass of wine on 31 January at 6:30pm for the opening of Barry Jackson's solo exhibition.
Parking available at Jan van Riebeek school.
Barry Jackson is a sculptor. He was born in South Africa, educated in Zambia in the 60’s, and he has been living and working in Cape Town for the past 30 years. His work is represented at the Christopher Møller Art Gallery. Jackson began his career as an illustrator in the advertising industry but soon found the need to move into more challenging work, sculpture was the answer. The work is hard and long, as sculpture is a difficult medium, but for the artist it is also deeply fulfilling. Jackson’s work has a distinctly African flavor. His style is representational and he is from the old school of “I paint what I see.” Using photographs and sketches, to nail down the action and fine details of his subjects, aiming to capture the enthralling essence of his subjects. He wants the viewer to feel the wildlife and figures through his work.
"The human species cannot survive without the animals. Perhaps like the bushman we will one day learn to live alongside them instead of exploiting them until they are gone. Their extinction is ultimately ours too.”    Barry Jackson
Forthcoming exhibitions:
Carla van Zyl, a solo exhibition. 28 March - 18 April.
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Jaco Roux, a solo exhibition. 17 - 31 October.
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Aldo Balding, a solo exhibition. 29 November - 23 December.
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